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Effective Thursday, April 23, 2020, mandatory eFiling of Civil Cases resumes per King County District Court Emergency Order 05-2020 issued on April 16, 2020.

All filings subject to mandatory eFiling must be submitted through the eFiling portal, EXCEPT for the setting of in-court hearings or filing of documents prohibited by Governor Inslee's Proclamation 20-49 in effect through May 14, 2020.

Use of the kcdcCourtFilings@kingcounty.gov is no longer authorized for filings subject to mandatory eFiling.

Please note the following changes applicable for filings effective April 23, 2020:

  • Interest calculations or affidavits must clearly set forth any applicable period of suspended interest accrual mandated by Proclamation 20-49.
  • The setting of In-Court hearings remains suspended until at least May 14, 2020 or further Order of the Court unless determined to be an emergency and authorized by a Judge in writing. Motions and Proposed Orders for emergency hearings should be filed through the eFiling portal, and the clerk should be notified of the pending filing.
  • Bulk filing of fee-based transactions will be limited to FORTY (40) submissions per cart. This is done in an effort to ensure the increase in portal filing traffic does not cause technical issues with filing in general. Note: the limit does not apply to non-fee-based submissions as those do not collect in the cart.
  • Customers are asked to limit their activity to TWENTY (20) credit card or eCheck transactions PER DAY. This is to ensure the increase in portal filing traffic does not cause technical issues with our payment processor.

  • Due to the extended closure of the Portal, items which were in users' carts at the time of closure may need to be deleted from the cart and restarted to ensure the data has not become stale. Data and documents in the cart for more than 30 days are purged in the background, and cause technical issues to the Court when filings are attempted for submission.

    Questions and technical issues can be referred to the Help Desk at kcdcefilinghelp@kingcounty.gov or 206-205-9200, Option 8.

In accordance with LGR 30 and King County Code 4A.634.100.B effective February 1, 2018 King County District Court requires all attorneys to electronically file (e-File) all documents for Civil Phase One cases. Civil Phase One cases include:

  • Cases initiated with a Summons and Complaint
  • Filing of a foreign judgment
  • Filing of a money judgment from a district or municipal court
  • Petition to challenge a drug based property forfeiture or petition for the return of animals
Each failure to e-File on or after February 1, 2018 will incur a fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) for each paper document not e-Filed. The $50.00 fee shall be assessed to the attorney as a sanction. Failure to pay the fee after 30 days will result in show-cause hearing on sanctions. For more information on e-filing, visit King County District Court’s webpage at http://www.kingcounty.gov/courts/district-court/eFiling.aspx

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